Visual Studio and Aurelia - Gulp tips

Visual Studio, Aurelia, and Gulp tips

Recently I've done a bit of development in Visual Studio helping others. I've gathered a few tips for gulp in VS2015 that I wanted to share -

Running tasks

To run tasks individually, click the Views option in the toolbar at the top of Visual Studio. Under Other Windows select Task Runner Explorer.

Task Runner Explorer Window

If your project and development environment is set up correctly you should see all the tasks show up in the left pane.

Task Runner Explorer

Now you can right-click and have the task run on demand without relying on the command line.

Automating the workflow

If you want to further automate you can drop your task in to the categories on the right. For instance, gulp watch is a great task to put in the Project Open binding. This way whenever your project is open it will watch for files to change and run the appropriate build.

Got any tips? Leave them in the comments below!